Jan 27

Multitasking? Just a waste of time!

Multitasking has become a much sought-for skill in companies, and also in life. We are so busy that being a good multitasked seems to be a great virtue. However scientific research and our personal experience, tell us a very different story. In one of the many studies on the subject, in 2009, Prof. Nass, from Stanford University, measured the performance of hundreds of students that were considered as excellent multitasks. the Result? their performance was lower in EVERYTHING they did.
Multitasking is a lie and comes from a little-understood definition of the ability of a computer to do many things at the same time. The computer, like us, does not do many things at the same time: it simply alternates the use of the CPU (the processor) very quickly, giving us the impression that it is completing many tasks simultaneously. we work in the same way.
We alternate from one task to the other – but by doing so, we remove attention from one of the tasks, even if we think we don’t. That is why talking on the phone while driving is prohibited: our multitasking lowers our attention on the road.
The multitasking habit takes away a lot of time from the real priorities: we do not realize it but every time we go from one task to the other, we need a “mental switch” that requires time and energy.
That is why multitaskers believe that the time required to complete a task is much higher that it actually is. Moreover, multitaskers get used to completing irrelevant tasks. Productivity of a person in an office is negatively correlated to the number of tasks, interruptions, and switches in focus in that person.
We need to become mono-taskers: i.e. get the habit of focusing all our attention, without distractions, on one activity and, when this is completed, we switch to the next one. first of all, we need to focus on the few, vita things that are really important, those that bring results, instead of wasting time on thousands of irrelevant tasks. Results will be much higher and our quality of life too.

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