You need practice to develop a new habit. 


Live training sessions are essential to share a new methodology, define habits, behaviors and attitudes that need to be trained and to work together.


Habits, though, need practice. Fo this reason, we developed E-Coaching, an e-learning platform allowing managers, entrepreneurs, teams and professionals to train key habits  in their field of choice.


On E-Coaching you will find video-lessons, tests, in-depth documents to be able to master effective habits in your sector.


Novaxia is developing a catalogue of video-lessons for behavioral and management training.


Here are some examples:

  • sales skills
  • customer service
  • conflict management
  • negotiation management
  • store management and customer service in your point of sale
  • leadership skills
  • team management skills
  • project management skills
  • Back Office and Front Office practices
  • Training of new skills after a career advancement


We also offer a personalized E-Coaching platform for your company. Together we will study a specific se of skills that you want your people to have and we will develop a specific E-Coaching training for your needs.

Your people will be highly trained in the key habits that your company needs to succeed in your market. 


Visit here our E-Coaching platform and write us to ask for a code to try our video-lessons.