May 26
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The three essential elements for superior results

Report by the Novaxia Team

The 3 performance methodology by Novaxia

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In an era where products are very similar, manufacturing quality is more or less the same, what makes the difference, especially in Western companies, is innovation and the ability to always be unique in their market or niche.

In our experience, there are three main elements that are essential in bringing superior results in terms of individuals, teams, departments and whole organizations:


  1. Innovation attitude
  2. Motivation
  3. Task performance excellence



The three aspects together bring the drive to persevere also when we meet hurdles and the ability to express ourselves working with excellent results because people feel engaged and are willing to share their points of view and work hard for a specific goal (motivation). At the same time, the individual, the team or the company are not “blindly” following a strategy even when it gives poor results, and are always looking for small or radical innovations to find the best course of action for the results they need. They are motivated and driven, but at the same time flexible and able to manage and generate change.

Finally, people need to express excellence in the execution of core tasks that are needed to get the job done. If we are a car-making company, not only do we need to have innovative products in our pipelines and motivate people to work in a difficult market, but our cars need to be reliable (we need excellence in production) and also our salesmen need to be very good at promoting the cars (which are some of the core tasks of the company.

If I want to become a writer, I need the motivation to persevere, year after year, even when results seem far away (motivation), at the same time I need to be able to adapt to the market and to understand how to promote myself in a better way, how to propose my manuscripts and what stories I need (innovation). In the end, though, I need to be a very good writer to become unique (task-performance excellence).

The same holds true for sports: I need the motivation to train even though the Olympic Games are four years away, I need the ability to make some incremental innovations (changes) in my way of training to improve and of course I need task-performance excellence in every small movement I perform to be the best in class.


What do these three elements include? In our view, they include the following:


1.    Motivation

  •  Ability to motivate ourselves to reach a goal
  • Ability to motivate our team and recognize what motivates each individual in our Team
  • A healthy environment in which everybody collaborates for a common goal, people are treated fairly, you are not punished for expressing your thoughts, even if they are critical to management or the overall strategy and there is space for discussing, listening to people’s feedback and act on it.

2.   Innovation attitude

  • Methodologies to find incremental and/or radical innovations in products or processes
  • An attitude that always looks for solutions and never gets comfortable with the status quo
  • An environment in which risk is well managed and errors are not punished; actually, “smart mistakes” need to be awarded, since they express the will to innovate and create something unique
  • Moments in which the Teams or the individuals can gather and discuss about new innovations or where they can perform some activities, that helps them be more innovative

3.    Task-performance excellence

  • An environment where feedback is welcome, listened to and acted upon;
  • An environment in which the single tasks are classified, the core tasks are recognized and constantly trained for excellence.


These three elements bring superior performance and results for individuals, teams and organizations. Training them inside the company and making them part of the culture is the best investment a person and an organization can make to thrive in the present and the future.


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