Feb 07

The Growth Habit

When a person looking for a job mentions in her profile “15 years of experience in logistics” actually this risks to become “1 year of experience, repeated 15 times” and tho is how sometimes also employers see it. The same is true for organizations keeping their routines that led them to success until those same routines are not sustainable anymore and then call consultants for an emergency plan and big change projects that often risk to fail. Because there is no growth habit  and a big, sudden change sometimes is just too much.
Creating effective routines is, per se, a good strategy, even though often routines are seen as circles: we always do the same things, getting the same good results. Until, due to external changes, these results do not materialize anymore. routines need to be treated as spirals that are always increasing in diameter because we add new know-how, we integrate new technologies, we add new strategies and we listen to, and observe, the world to find new opportunities. the question that can make us keep this growth habit is: “what are the new opportunities, new know how, new skills, new strategies that I need to add to grow?” We will not find them every single dat. But we will create a growth mindset that does not need last-minute emergency plans.

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