Dec 05
facing a problem with Coaching

Problem-Solving – When Problems Become Habits

Problem-solving is often underrated, especially when evaluating the meaning it has in our routines.
In pursuing our projects, we always have to face problems, which often are also the measure of the importance of the goal we are pursuing.
Problem-solving is not only the ability of solving a problem, but of solving it effectively. Problem-solving prevents us from adopting one of our great behavioural survival skill: adapting to a problem.
If, for instance, a software in our company does not allow us to complete an operation, we find a way to go around it, while we are waiting for the problem to be fixed. Slowly, this behaviour becomes a habit and we continue to use it, even though it makes us waste time and resources. So we end up adapting to several problems, going around them, without facing them directly. As a consequence, our day becomes an endless list of actions aimed at overcoming unsolved issues.

An excellent problem-solver needs the ability to prevent these behaviours from happening and becoming a habit. Once they become routine, indeed, they are also part of our daily behaviours we do not notice anymore, thus turning into automatic actions. This makes us less effective and makes us lose our ability successfully overcome hindrances we find.

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