Jan 22

Light bulbs and talents – habits that avoid burning them out

Now at your local shop you can buy state-of-the-art – very expensive – light bulbs that promise to last forever and consume very little energy. The problem is that often these light bulbs burn out after a few months, if your power network is not modern and there are anomalous electric discharges inside.
This reminds us of the fixation of many companies to look for “talents” outside the organization.
We have seen many times, unfortunately, talents hired in a malfunctioning organization – with toxic relations, unmotivated teams, rigid procedures giving little autonomy – who, slowly, fade away. We, as humans, can easily get used to the average of performance of the group in which we are.
Instead of focusing on looking for external talents, we need to build key habits inside the organization that will make the environment highly performing, pleasant, with plenty of autonomy and occasions to motivate people. This way we will be able to grow talents also inside the organization and when promising people come to our company, they will shine because the organization allows it. Instead of burning them out.

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