Jan 20

Habits that lead to chronic stress

Stress is part of everyday life. We know that some types of stress are positive, since they motivate us, they give us energy and focus our attention on what’s important. Negative, prolonged stress, which becomes chronic, on the other hand, is very harmful both for our health and our well-being. Often, part of chronically stressful situations steam from bad habits. If we always feel stressed during our day, the reasons may be the following:


  • We accept the problem thinking that, since the environment is stressful, we must be stressed and we cannot do anything about it.
  • We do not face the problem: we don’t ha time! (this becomes a self-reinforcing habit).
  • We mistake the cause with the effect. We think that stress comes from the fact that we are always under pressure because of the many projects under our responsibility, without understanding that the underlying cause is our bad management of the projects, the fact that we start too late or that we waste time.


We need to change the habits that give us chronic stress. Try the following actions:


  1. Take some time for yourself. No excuses and no “I’ll do it later”.
  2. Analyze your day and find the moment in which stress is present.
  3. find the actions that are the real cause of this continuous stress, i.e. the UNDERLYING CAUSE. We may have a lot of work to do, but what exactly causes the situation that stresses us out? Maybe we accept everything? We should say NO more often, Maybe the person sending the documents does to prepare it fully and we have to double our workload? the UNDERLYING CAUSE of stress is the part we can, and have to, change.
  4. Define the actions preventing those situations from happening and make them your new habits.
  5. Take 5-10 minutes during your day, if you feel stresses, to redo all this very quickly and change the situation.

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