Feb 10

Good habits in shops – Retail sector

Our company recently worked in a Coaching and training project for a retail company. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to reflect, once again, on how important it is for an organization to keep people in their shops, key for the success of the company and its sales, and at the same time far away from strategic insights of the Headquarters, motivated. The routines in the shops often lead to a decrease in motivation and loss of “meaning”, with repercussions on short and long term results.

We know from researches on motivation and our personal experience that we can keep and even increase motivation when:

  • we have the control and autonomy to decide how to reach a result;
  • we are rewarded as people and professionals for a job well done;
  • we are competent in our sector;
  • goals are clear.

Therefore, a good habit for keeping motivation and performance high in the shops is the following:

  • develop a manual of “excellent behaviors” that are already tested for the shops. Give guidelines, with the results we want to get and linking them to the image we want to have for the organization and the feelings a customer should have, giving leeway to the person to decide how to reach these results.
  • Constantly check if these results are reached and reward people that were proactive and did not just “describe an item”;
  • train people that are weak in some areas, instead of marking them as less competent. We should give them instructions and, at the same time, take our time to discuss with them how they would face the different challenges they have in the store.

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