Nov 20

Everything now – the habit that destroys roots

In modern society “everything now” has become a pervasive habit, something we do not even acknowledge anymore. Commercials show that it takes a few seconds and a pill to get rid of a headache. Or we are used to get rid of stress and forget about a problem, by doing some shopping. In companies, this habit affects managers, who think in terms of quarters, and sales people, who want to sell in any case – thus triggering even more ineffective or unethical habits.

The big disadvantage of this attitude is that you do not create roots – the sale is based on a single event, the quarter is not linked to an authentic 10-year vision. Or we leave roots where we would not want them – a problem that continues to torture us, because instead of facing it, we keep ignoring it.

The “everything now” attitude creates the habit of urgency. We want so many things, right now, that we do not even realize that it’s too much for us and that results are devastating. The successful company usually focuses on a special niche and it becomes leader, while the successful professional becomes great in a narrow segment.

At the same time, in our personal lives, striving for perfection in areas of our life we are not really interested in leads us to rush against the clock and wonder how people manage to reach important goals, since we never have time. The answer is that we need to create habits focused on just a few, very important, long-term goals, so that those actions start taking root, become stronger and eventually independent.
We need to eliminate what is not essential – simplicity in our actions leads to great competence and even excellence.

An athlete will never compete in five different sports. So we, as companies, professionals and people need to get back the habit of not wanting everything, and to have the ability to wait, with patience, that the roots we planted give us their fruits.

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