Jun 01

Creative Resilience – How to reach challenging goals

The “plateau” effect stops many of us half-way on the path to reaching a very important result for us.
We reach a certain point and then… we cannot grow anymore, even if we try harder and harder. We can “resist”, struggling to remain on the same spot. If we work harder, advantages are very small.

Here are the three main reasons:
1. Lack of determination – entering a new sector, starting to play a new instrument, beginning a new sport – at the beginning we grow very fast, with minimal efforts. Then, the more we grow, the more we need to work to improve even further. That is why many of us do not make it: they do not want to pay the price to reach that goal. That is why we need to set goals that motivate us and that are very important for us.
2. Lack of awareness and feedbackdetermination is blind – progressing on the same road, head down, even if it leads nowhere, is another reason why, even if our efforts are phenomenal, we do not reach our goals and we do not understand why. We need to listen to ourselves and the people around us to grow and improve – feedback is extremely important, even if that feedback is not pleasant.
3. Refusing to change – for many of us it is easier to climb up the wrong mountain amidst a blizzard, rather than getting down and starting again on the right one. The ability to change, innovate and adopt new strategies allows us to reach extremely challenging goals.

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