May 28

Coaching and goals – 3 essential questions

Often people and organizations cannot reach their objectives not because they do not have the resources or the skills, but because the strategy they use is no longer winning.

Instead of keeping on pursuing it – if the product does not sell, lets invest million in advertisement – we need to have a different perspective.

Coaching helps us with a completely different approach, based on the exploration of the future.

Coaching works with questions, which help us see new scenarios.

Today we analyse three coaching questions that may help us when the strategy we are using is no longer successful:

  1. What another alternatives are there? If we do not see any, ask around, and explore the reality around us.
  2. What is the ideal alternative for us?
  3. What can we start doing, with the resources we have, to pursue this alternative?


Coaching helps us innovate and reach ambitious goals through the use of different questions.

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