Jun 27
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Change management in companies

Changes in companies often fail because top management does not touch the most profound motivations of people that need to live that change. Before a change, the company tells a story of a moment of difficulty or the need for innovation and sets new process and market goals.

Change, though, is a tough and sometimes painful process for people and they need the right motivation at a personal, social, company and team level.


To generate an effective change:


1)    We need to tell a compelling story that touches the hearts, and not only the minds, of people – people should not only be presented with new goals, but they should also see and share the purpose and the reasons for change.

2)    Role models, that usually should come from top management – the lack of role models in the company is usually one of the main reasons why people do not follow the goals and the change management process of the company.

3)    Reinforce mechanisms, because change is a long process; sometimes it lasts for yeas and people need to sustain their motivation for change and long-term goals.

4)    Capability building – people need to have the skills needed to make the change.


From: John Kotter, Leading Change

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