Habits are routine attitudes and behaviors that define the results we get.


Our life, operations in organizations, team work, are complex networks of habits that may make people extremely effective or lead to average results.


Success in a project, the ability to reach complex goals, long-term results almost never come from single actions. athletes do not become champions in a single competitions; at the same time, important results in any sector are reached only thanks to the formation of habits that make effective behaviors automatic.


In Novaxia we study, analyze and train excellence habits.


We classified habits in three families:


  • Mental habits
  • Emotional habits
  • Performance habits



Mental habits


These are the habits that create our thinking style, i.e. the way we form beliefs, reach conclusions, solve problems, use our creativity and, in general, our mind.


Effective mental habits make us proactive, innovative and excellent problem-solbvers. They allow us to believe in ourselves, keep focused on effective solutions and a clear vision towards our goal.


Ineffective mental habits make us stuck with the same mistakes, prevent us from finding alternatives to challenges and difficulties we need to face and lead us build thinking styles that damage us.



Emotional habits


Emotional habits are the expression of our Emotional Intelligence, the ability to manage our emotions and be effective in our life, especially when facing challenges.

Emotional intelligence is a set of skills, and, therefore, can be learned and improved. Having a high Emotional Intelligence, means having, for instance, the following skills:

  • Form a relationship with others
  • have high self-regard and regard for others
  • trust others and be trusted
  • reach long-term goals
  • manage conflict
  • listen
  • be flexible
  • be resilient and abler o manage a crisis
  • be proactive and masters of our destiny
  • manage stress


Performance Habits


Each one of us, professionals managers, entrepreneurs, needs a set of skills in which we have to excel. Athletes need to train specific behaviors in their sport so that they become the best. In the same way, nowadays, in world where differentiation is often the only value and competitive advantage, we will need to train key activities in our sector to master them and be the best in our field.