Innovation and change management are complex, both at a cultural level and at a process and implementation level.
Novaxia focuses on specific issues to train people and organization in keeping an innovation- and development-oriented attitude, to create an innovation culture and act on new ideas, the foundation for the present and the future of organizations in today’s environment.

Our Programmes:

Lean Start-up for Organizations

This 3-day workshop is a revolutionary method that will help you launch new products and services and especially sell what people really want, finding the best solution on the market which, more often than not, you are not aware of.

Do not expect an average training: there are no breaks, a few rules and very little theory. There are only your teams, competing to launch internal projects, innovate processes, sell more in an enthusiastic environment full of energy.

You will see your people working together and getting out of the building to find real customers and talk to them, to validate or invalidate the theories they had on a specific project.

You will see them change their Business Model and their hypotheses with great ease, getting closer and closer to the best solution customers will be eager to pay for.

At the end of the workshop, your organization will have different projects that will be then developed and motivated Teams with a new methodology that can be used to help the organization grow at a much higher speed, with less failure and mistakes.

The Culture of Innovation

After defining the main features of the leading organization in the world thanks to their innovation-oriented culture, the Team will work on the Leadership attitudes that will help the organization use intuition, creativity, motivation to generate new opportunities and the right processes to make the organization grow. In this way, we will empower innovators inside the company, those that want to grow and make the company grow, thanks to their ideas and their actions.

Business Model Innovation

A Business Model that was effective yesterday may be completely useless today. The most profitable companies are those that invest time in exploring new ways of working to surf in the wake of today’s opportunities without making them hindrances for them.
Examples of workshops focusing on your Business Model

  • Ways of getting in touch with clients
  • How to interact with prospects
  • Interaction among people and teams in the company
  • New communication channels
  • New product distribution methods
  • More effective ways of interacting and developing projects in a team
  • Management of innovative projects

High-Innovation Teams

This workshops gives the essential methodologies to Teams that want to enhance their ability to interact effectively when developing new projects, finding creative solutions to existing problems and reaching ambitious goals together.

Motivation, drive and tension to relentlessly create are elements that will help the organization and its people grow, giving energy and motivation throughout the departments.

Future Scenarios

Every day thousand of start-ups are born with innovative ideas, ready to conquer the market. Competitors are always looking for new opportunities, products Business Models. Technological and industrial evolutions create in our market new competitors in completely different sectors. In this environment, taking the time to study future scenarios and opportunities with teams of our organizations is essential to plan transformations and innovations essential to create or keep or leading position in the market.