Mar 21
BIBLIOTECA Vallardi completa

Our Library for Managers

Our Effective Habit Development methodology will make you experience a completely new way of training people, which will make a big difference in your teams. People we train are followed for months, even after the end of the official training course, thanks to our methodology and the in-house production of most of our contents.


BIBLIOTECA Vallardi completa


For this reason Novaxia forged a partnership with one of the biggest Publishing Groups in Italy, Mauri Spagnol, to create the Library for Manager with the publisher Vallardi: 65 books, always growing in number, working on the same soft skills we deal with in our training sessions. Books are part of the training programme: your people will receive them as a gift, and part of their growth path. A great surprise and another chance to train excellence habits.

Per questo motivo Novaxia ha stretto un accordo con uno dei più grandi gruppi editoriali italiani, Mauri Spagnol, per creare una Biblioteca per il Manager con l’editore Vallardi: 65 titoli in continuo aumento che lavorano sulle soft skill che le persone allenano con noi. I libri sono parte del nostro percorso di allenamento: le persone li riceveranno come regalo, come parte del loro percorso di crescita. Una sorpresa gradevole e un’altra occasione per allenare abitudini di eccellenza.




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