Nov 11
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Pietro Trabucchi -Getting back on our feet and Succeeding against all odds


Pietro Trabucchi is a Sports Psychologist, he teaches at the University of Verona, Ultra-marathon team mental trainer and author of two best-sellers, “Resisto dunque sono,” (I resist, therefore I am” and “Perseverare è umano” (Persevering is human), successful books on resilience and the ability to get back on our feet to reach long-term goals.


In our interview Pietro Trabucchi tells u show it’s not really talent or “natural” gifts to make a difference in the success of an undertaking or the conquest of an important result, but attitude and resilience. Resilience is the ability to stay motivated for long stretches of time even when we deal with complex challenges and defeats.


Resilience is what divides people that reach what is often called “excellence” in their sector and those that cannot get away from average results.


Resilience can be trained and sometimes we do it without knowing it, when, for instance, we give up the temptation to take shortcuts or surrender and we instead persevere in the direction of our goals.

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