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Ian McDermott – On Innovation, Coaching and the Next Generation of Leaders


In this interview, Ian McDermott talks about Innovation, Coaching and the Next Generation of Leaders. 

Everyone talks about innovation, but organizations and people that want to be truly innovative need to understand the “how-tos” of innovation and its meaning. We need to have tools to be innovative and the ability to be less judgmental, because it forecloses “optional thinking“, i.e. the ability to see reality from different perspectives. If we are convinced that what we think, and what we do, is the only way, we will not explore other alternatives and therefore we will not be able to overcome problems and create something new. The way in which we engage reality allows us to generate creativity or makes us stuck in a routine without results.

Awareness in another important aspect of innovation: there are moments in our lives and in our day in which we are very creative – do we no exactly when?

Ian McDermott has been studying and Coaching the Next Generation of Leaders for years, for organizations that want to grow ad that need people with advanced Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Problem-Solving skills.

Today’s Leaders need to be in charge of their lives – in this way, people will naturally gravitate around their style of Leadership.

Nowadays Leaders need to know how to get the best out of people – basically, the Coaching approach – since the “command & control” Leadership style lost its effectiveness.


Ian McDermott is the founder of International Teaching Seminars –

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