Oct 24
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Do you have a fixed or a growth mind-set? – Lorenzo Paoli, Coaching Effective Habits


Researches on the mind by the American Psychologist Carol Dweck show that people may be divided into two categories: those that have a fixed mindset and those that have a growth mindset.
people with a fixed mind-set think they cannot grow, so they avoid complex goals and focus on the easiest ones, because you cannot make mistakes. A mistake would be like saying “you are not smart enough”. Moreover they do not like effort, because if you have to make a n effort for something it means that you are not talented enough, since a fixed mind-set thinks you cannot get smarter.


On the other hand, those with a growth mind-set embrace failure and try to learn to improve, They know they were not born with a fixed talent set and that they can develop new skills. Research shows that people with a growth mind-set have significantly better results.


We would not say to a child that she is stupid because she does not know how to do something. We would expect her to learn. So, why can’t we have the same expectations for ourselves?

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