May 18
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Myles Downey – The importance of Coaching for Managers and Organizations

Myles Downey, renowned Coach and Trainer, explains the importance of Coaching for Managers and Organizations, especially in today’s environment.

In this interview, Myles Downey talks about the importance of Coaching to help reach three main results:

reduce interference, i.e. fear, self-doubt or lack of clarity and, therefore, maximize one’s own potential;

– clarify one’s orientation, the direction we want to take and the most effective strategy to reach our result;

– have a space in which to think creatively, and find excellent solutions to complex problems.

Managers today still work in a command/control environment, where compliance is the primary focus. Thus, organizations do not exploit the innovation coming from their people, do not motivate them and make them feel disengaged.

Coaching helps people feel engaged, part of the game, and make them contribute to the innovation and growth of the team and the whole organization.

Coaching helps liberating the person, making her more independent and effective. There is also a downside: Coaching gives also more responsibility and not everyone wants to accept it.

Coaching is an extremely effective method to overcome complex challenges by finding new alternatives, clear and effective strategies and to create action plans that help us reach our goals faster.

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