May 21

The IceBox – When Innovation Turns Ice into Art

Philip Hughes has always considered the usual ice sculptures that you could find in cruises and wedding parties, dolphins and swans, as trivial and uninteresting. So he decided to build a company the produces spectacular ice sculptures, the Icebox, where innovation and creativity are the essential elements  both in their work – they even built life-size houses, bars and cars – and in their Business Model, always looking for new opportunities. In this interviews we see the attitude towards innovation and the ability to manage change of the Icebox’s Team. In an old market, where all players were the same, Philip Hughes and his Team created their Blue Ocean – a market where ice is at the centre of a process of constant innovation within the organization.

The Icebox, thanks to the drive foexcellence of its Team and a relentless search for innovation in their works, creates extraordinary ice sculptures, like the examples we see below.


Nothing is too difficult when you train your problem-solving skills, to solve complex challenges.


Accuracy and attention to rìdetail: The Icebox team is trained to imagine the impossible and then shape it to make it real.

Eristoff Ice Bar - Liverpool #icefestival (4)

Guinness Pub (5)

Ice House - Germany (5)

Winning teams and organizations today are able to think big and not to be hindered by the limitations their imaginations have to face. In Novaxia we train  Teams with Coaching and facilitation sessions to make them extremely performing to reach new levels of results.


Fantasy and great quality of work: two essential qualities of Teams and organizations that want to flourish in any economic and market scenario.

In Novaxia we train Teams and guide them with Coaching and Facilitation sessions to make them independent, training creative processes and developing new strategies to create winning Business Models, products or processes. In Novalab, we share with Teams  and companies that want to grow through innovation, complex projects, the exploration of future scenarios, to create united, high-performing teams and to generate new ideas, processes and products that will make the organization grow.


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